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Frequently asked questions

Do You Offer A Replacement And Refund Policy For Non-Working Accounts Purchased Through HostPVA?

Yes, At HostPVA, We Provide A Replace And Refund Warranty For Non-Working Accounts To Ensure Your Satisfaction And Peace Of Mind.

Does HostPVA Accept

Yes. we Accept Wise. Please Contact us for Wise payment.

Does HostPVA Accept Cryptocurrency As A Payment Method For Purchases?

Absolutely! HostPVA Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments. Please Contact Us For Manual Payment Processing And Further Assistance With Your Transaction.

Bank Transfer

HostPVA accepts bank transfers for payments in USD (USA), GBP (UK), EUR , CAD (Canada), and SGD (Singapore). Please keep in mind that bank transfers may take up to 24 hours for confirmation.

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